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PFSCM's goals are to ensure reliable availability of essential products to programs in developing countries and to strengthen national supply chains to become sustainable mechanisms for delivering products to clients.


The Partnership for Supply Chain Management is a nonprofit organization established in 2005 by two of the leading international health consultancy organizations in the U.S.óJSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI) and Management Sciences for Health (MSH), both also nonprofits.  To deliver its services PFSCM draws on the capabilities and experience of 13 organizations that are among the most trusted names in international public health and development, with each offering unique capabilities, including procurement, freight forwarding and technical assistance.


We strengthen, develop and manage secure, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable supply chains to meet the needs of health care and other public services.

 In collaboration with in-country and international partners, we:
  • Provide quality, best-value products to those who need them
  • Deploy innovative solutions to assist programs to enhance their supply chain capacity
  • Share our expertise and experience in influencing policy and bringing best practices to the international arena