Abbott RealTime SARS-COV-2 Amplification Reagent Kit

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Brand: Abbott Molecular
Item category: COVID RGNT
Test bundle contents:
  • Abbott RealTime SARS-CoV-2 Amplification Reagent Pack (Manufacturer catalogue number 09N77-090) 4 packs of 24 tests
  • Abbott RealTime SARS-CoV-2 Internal Control - 4 vials, 1.2 mL per vial
  • The following consumables sufficient to run 96 tests:
    • Abbott RealTime SARS-CoV-2 Control Kit - 2 levels with 8 replicates per level (09N77-080)
    • 1ml Disposable Tips (04J71-10)
    • 0.2 ml Disposable Tips (04J71-17)
    • MasterMix Tubes (04J71-80)
    • 96 Deep Well Plates (04J71-30)
    • Reaction Vessels (04J71-20) ; Reagent Vessels (04J71-60)
    • m2000sp waste bags (04J71-45)
    • Abbott 96 well Optical Reaction plate (4J71-70)
    • Abbott Optical Adhesive Covers (4J71-75)
    • Abbott mSample Preparation SystemDNA (06K12-24)

Compatible systems: Abbott m2000rt and Abbott m2000sp.

*Please note: products for patient sample collection should be sourced separately through local or other procurement channels. These sample collection products include sterile dacron/nylon swabs (do not use calcium alginate swabs or swabs with wooden shafts, as they may contain substances that inactivate some viruses and inhibit PCR Testing), viral transport media tubes (with 1-3ml of viral transport medium), and ethanol USP grade 190 to 200 (95%-100% ethanol) required for TNA Extraction (use ethanol which is packaged in a glass bottle and labelled for molecular use)."

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