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El Consejo Nacional para el VIH y el Sida

Project Date

Start: 2010 End:

Focus Area



Impact Figures

  • Value: Procured $91 million
  • Countries: 1
    • Dominican Republic

PFSCM has been serving El Consejo Nacional para el VIH y el Sida (CONAVIHSIDA) of the Dominican Republic (DR) for over 10 years. CONAVIHSIDA is a government organization coordinating the formulation and recommendation of evidence-based HIV testing, treatment, and patient management guidelines.

Our primary services for CONAVIHSIDA are procuring and distributing HIV health products such as antiretrovirals. However, we have also undertaken technical assistance and in-country logistics projects.
Through our technical assistance projects, we have helped the MOH of the DR to improve their downstream distribution to better support the transfer of HIV products to regional health services facilities.

PFSCM and CONAVIHSIDA renew the scope of work and contract requirements annually.

Since 2010, PFSCM has delivered more than 939 shipments of HIV commodities valued at more than $91 million to the Dominican Republic. We have saved CONAVIHSIDA over $10 million in procurement costs over the last decade through best procurement practices.

Most recently, PFSCM helped CONAVIHSIDA to plan for and adopt multi-month dispensing (MMD) of ARVs for stable patients who meet strict treatment criteria. With MMD, a patient may receive a three or six-month supply of ART. The MMD initiative was further supported by a move to cartonless packaging, which optimizes cargo space, thereby reducing costs and waste.