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The New Horizons: Advancing Pediatric HIV collaborative was formed by the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson in 2014, with expert input from many stakeholders involved in pediatric HIV care, treatment, and prevention.

The New Horizon program addresses the need for lifesaving third-line antiretroviral drugs in sub-Saharan Africa and least-developed countries (LDCs). The program strengthens the public health system to care for and treat adolescents and children living with HIV.

From the onset, PFSCM has conducted forecasting, order, and shipment processes for recipient program countries. In collaboration with Imperial Health Sciences, PFSCM ensures the timely and secure delivery of Janssen’s HIV antiretroviral drugs to these recipient countries.

In 2021, PFSCM ordered and delivered about $20.5 million worth of pediatric HIV medicines for several African countries.

In addition, PFSCM joined Janssen’s stakeholders in recommitting to the program’s second phase, building on six years of progress. The second phase incorporates a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) initiative to maximize the program’s impact.

In collaboration with our parent company, JSI Research & Training Institute Inc, and its affiliates InSupply in East Africa, and JSI Zambia, PFSCM provided on the ground supply chain monitoring and evaluation for the New Horizons Collaborative Countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The M&E initiative assessed and measured in-country supply chain processes, systems, and performances; and collected data to identify performance gaps.

To conclude the second phase of the program and contribute to its success, PFSCM assisted countries in setting appropriate performance targets and made recommendations for improvements that enabled countries to meet and exceed targets.

Furthermore, PFSCM worked with partners to develop tailored Technical Assistance plans for each country. All the activities were country-led to ensure ownership and sustainability of the program. Combining a pragmatic approach with a system-wide focus provides the most significant impact in both the short and long term.



Project Date

2014 - 2022

Focus Area

  • Pediatric HIV care, treatment, and prevention
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Data and performance measurement


Impact Figures

  • $144 million in HIV products procured
  • 9 countries