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Collaboration among international donors, nongovernmental organizations, host-country governments, manufacturers and other stakeholders is critical to ensuring that quality medicines reach the people with HIV/AIDS who need them.

Working With Vendors

Requests for Proposal and Quotation

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Work With Us

Collaboration among international donors, nongovernmental organizations, host-country governments, and other stakeholders is critical to ensuring that quality, cost effective medicines and health care commodities reach the people who need it most.

Working With Vendors

Establishing long-term relationships with vendors is an important component of our supply chain strategy. By leveraging purchasing power across many clients and countries, negotiating long-term contracts with our key suppliers whenever possible, and sourcing pharmaceutical and other health commodities globally, we achieve the lowest possible cost for the products we buy.

PFSCM utilizes full and open competitive procedures to facilitate timely delivery of quality products and services at a reasonable cost. PFSCM selects its suppliers based on “best value” according to the following criteria, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Lead time
  • Quality of products
  • Price of commodities
  • Customer service by the vendor
  • Vendor performance and supplier (financial and operational) long-term viability
  • Compliance with World Health Organization or Stringent Regulatory Authority standards.

PFSCM uses competitive bidding for procurement of commodities (except in extraordinary cases that prohibit the use of this method). These procedures are intended to minimize the complexity of the solicitation, the evaluation, and the source selection decision, leading to a “best value” selection. PFSCM follows the WHO Model for Quality Assurance (MQAS) for procurement agencies. Read more about our Quality Assurance program.

Vendors interested in becoming a supplier to PFSCM under one of its agreements should monitor PFSCM’s Request for Proposals page for contract opportunities or contact us to learn about the products we procure based on needs expressed by our clients.

If you are interested in supplying PFSCM with products, please email

ARIBA System

PFSCM is improving its RFQ process by using the web-based ARIBA System which incorporates an electronic quote submission process using standardized templates. Suppliers are invited to participate in “RFQ” events and these quotes are evaluated immediately after being received. The ARIBA System reduces our response time and streamlines the procurement process with our suppliers. Suppliers are encouraged to use this web-based system.

Vendors that have worked with PFSCM in the past, can self-register. If you have not worked with PFSCM, please contact PFSCM Helpdesk to acquire a user ID, set up your log in, and use the system.

Ariba resources and support

Please visit the SAP Ariba website for support information. Follow these quick links:

Contact Us

Vendors interested in becoming a supplier to PFSCM under one of its agreements should monitor PFSCM’s Request for Proposals for contract opportunities and forward relevant information to You may also contact us to provide details of your products and discuss opportunities to work together.

Requests for Proposal or Quotation

Request for Quotation PR 50786 

Deadline: March 29, 2018

Analytical laboratory equipment for a health institution in Malawi

PFSCM has been been identified as procurement service agent for the acquisition of analytical laboratory equipment.

We would like to invite you to provide us with your quote for the items and respective quantities indicated in the excel sheet attached, for delivery to Malawi. This Request for Quotation is open to all legally-constituted companies that can provide the requested items and have legal capacity to deliver in the country of Malawi, or through an authorized representative.

Bidding will be conducted in accordance with PFSCM’s procurement processes, award will be based on “best value” according to the following criteria which may include, but are not limited to: lead time, quality of products, price, total cost of ownership, vendor performance etc.

Any resulting contract shall be subject to the PFSCM terms and conditions.

For the items(s) in this excel sheet, please provide the following details (please make sure all requested information is completed):


  • Please indicate best EXW unit price.
  • Please indicate the installation and training fee. If the installation and training fee is included in the unit cost, insert zero. Note that installation and training include installation qualification, operation qualification and performance qualification
  • Please indicate whether warranty is applicable for each item i.e. Yes/No. If Yes, indicate the warranty period in years.
  • Please attach or share a link to the product information sheet.
  • Please indicate EXW place.
  • Please indicate instrument manual label language(s).
  • Indicate logistical information i.e. volume and weight.
  • Please indicate name of the manufacturer and manufacturing site address.
  • Indicate Yes/No if the product is manufactured in an ISO compliant site or not.
  • Indicate whether the item is SRA approved [Japan, US (FDA), Canada, Europe (CE), UK and Australia].
  • Please indicate quantity available from stock.
  • Please indicate the EXW lead time for stock and for fresh production in weeks.
  • Indicate the minimum manufacturer’s recommended service and maintenance (once per year, twice per year etc.)
  • Indicate the estimated annual maintenance and service costs ($) including spare parts, calibration, system updates etc.
  • Please send the information in Excel format.
  • Please complete Annex B –  Compliance sheet. Failure to complete the compliance sheet will render the vendor’s quotation invalid.

Please note the following:

  • Validity of prices should be 90 days.
  • Please note that the information from the quotations will be used for publications.

PFSCM’s Terms & Conditions are applicable to all of PFSCM’s procurements. Quoting in response to this RFQ automatically means that PFSCM’s Terms & Conditions are accepted by the vendor.

The deadline for this RFQ is Thursday March 29, 2018, 17:00 hrs (GMT+1) to  with  copied.

Questions or requests for further clarifications should be submitted in writing to email:

Career Opportunities

PFSCM is made up of staff members from team member organizations providing all the technical skills needed to ensure reliable availability of essential products to international development programs. PFSCM itself has no staff; staff of JSI, MSH, i+solutions, Imperial, and other team members implement PFSCM’s projects through formal subcontract arrangements.

Positions currently available are posted below, along with the corresponding location and hiring organization. 

To learn more about a particular position, select the hiring organization’s name, which brings you to the job description listed on the hiring organization’s website.

Freight Analyst, Woerden, NL: JSI, i+solutions, MSH