PFSCM and 3PL partner delivers lifesaving diagnostic products to Mongolia; overcoming cold chain, and COVID-19 challenges

by | Apr 19, 2021

PFSCM and its 3PL partner Logenix International recently collaborated to deliver a particularly challenging shipment — comprising laboratory equipment and serology diagnostics — to Mongolia via charter from the Netherlands.

The shipment comprised a mix of temperature controlled (2°C to 8°C, and 15°C to 25°C), and ambient products; some of which were also classified as dangerous goods. The products were consolidated from four locations in Europe, and the UK, and packed with various appropriate cold chain packaging materials to ensure product integrity throughout the journey. PFSCM and Logenix International have collaborated before to manage the safe, timely, and cost-effective transportation of mixed temperature, and dangerous products; and the organizations are continuing to build on these experiences, and successes to ensure lifesaving health products are delivered to developing countries.

Further, Parsyl temperature data loggers were placed inside the packaging to monitor and capture valuable information about the temperature and humidity commodities are exposed to during transportation and storage. This information can be used to better understand shipping conditions, and more effectively manage risk should any irregularities occur.

Data captured by these devices also play a critical role in increasing accountability among stakeholders, planning for future shipments, reducing waste, ensuring product integrity is maintained during shipping, and improving the overall efficiency of insurance claims.

Meanwhile, with COVID-19 restrictions, and preventative measures still a high priority in Mongolia, PFSCM and Logenix International had to proactively engage with the Mongolian Ministry of Health, and Mongolian State Emergency Commission to obtain special permission for the charter to land, and the products to be offloaded. Mongolia has been praised globally for their successful COVID-19 response, and as can be seen from the photos below, the airport crew are kitted in complete hazmat suits, not just face masks.


PFSCM and Mongolia in a nutshell


Since 2016, PFSCM has procured a wide variety of health products for the country; from antiretrovirals to rapid diagnostic test kits, and medical imaging equipment to laboratory consumables. In collaboration with its 3PL partners, PFSCM has delivered more than 51 shipments, valued at more than $3.5 million to Mongolia. Most recently, PFSCM has also supplied COVID-19 diagnostics tests to the country.



Temperature controlled goods ready for transportation.

Inside the charter, the 39.4 m3, or roughly 3.5 tons, of goods can be seen safely secured.

Logenix International’s charter being loaded in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. From here the charter will make its journey to Mongolia.

After extensive planning the charter arrived in Ulaanbaatar, in Mongolia. The ground crew kitted in hazmat suits prepare to offload the goods.