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Who we are


PFSCM strengthens public health supply chains, ensuring lifesaving commodities are accessible and available to communities in hard-to-reach places. We help donors, governments, non-profit organizations, and humanitarian agencies achieve their public health goals through cost-saving procurement, efficient logistics, pharmaceutical-grade storage, and real-time data tracking. PFSCM demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence through our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System, which underpins all of our processes, systems, and services.

Did you know that in 2020 PFSCM:


more than

$57 million

million worth of COVID-19 diagnostic products




more than


shipments of COVID-19 diagnostics to over

73 countries



an OTIF of


for the delivery of COVID-19 diagnostics



more than

$295.5 million

worth of orders for diagnostic products used in HIV, TB and
malaria testing


more than


shipments to





What we do


  • Streamline stock velocity
  • Initiate resource mobilization
  • Manage production scheduling
  • Reduce stockouts and expiries
  • Best value and best quality products
  • Savings through pooled procurement
  • International best practices
  • Navigate regulatory environment
  • On-time and in-full deliveries
  • Cost-effective transport
  • Custom and waiver clearance
  • Safe, reliable shipments
  • Modular pharma-compliant storage
  • Fast, affordable remote installations
  • Improved in-country infrastructure
  • Professional, durable construction
  • Tailored, accurate, real-time information
  • End-to-end visibility and tracking
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Improved chain of custody
  • Safe, effective, fit-for-use products
  • Prequalification of vendors
  • ISO 9001:2015 QMS certification
  • Sampling and quality testing system

PFSCM serves client, governments and Principal Recipients in over 85 countries


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Today, one year ago PFSCM delivered its first shipment of #COVID19 diagnostics products to Uganda. Despite the increased strain on supply chains, the whole transaction from request to proof of delivery took just 10 days.
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PFSCM’s #coldchain journey since 2019 has included: adapting processes and systems and creating policies & guidelines. Read more about our cold chain journey here:
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