Track: supply chain visibility

Optimizing supply chains through end-to-end tracking and data-driven decision making

We use our One Network Control Tower to improve supply chain visibility, and streamline collaboration among stakeholders. Through the Control Tower we have automated many of our processes for faster, smarter customer service; and laid the groundwork for current, and future digital supply chain innovations such as blockchain, internet of things, and serialization.

Our Control Tower incorporates:


Our Control Tower is a single cloud-based system which automates procurement and shipments processes while capturing value end-to-end supply chain information.


Our Control Tower integrates real-time stakeholder data to provide complete visibility of the supply chain, from manufacturer to patient.


Our stakeholders have planning and execution access within our Control Tower, enabling them to take actions as commodities move through the supply chain.

Our clients benefit from:

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility.
  • Tailored, near real-time data.
  • User friendly data dashboards.
  • Automated processes that save time.
  • Multi-party collaboration.
  • Streamlines communication.
  • Chain of custody.
  • Tamper-proof technologies.

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