Project-based procurement

Efficient project-based procurement solutions for sustainable health infrastructure

Project-based procurement is a specialized service of PFSCM. We help our clients to plan and implement their health infrastructure projects fully. Whether for the rollout of medical equipment across a country or region or for establishing a medical waste management plant at one facility, we collaborate with stakeholders to ensure the affordable and sustainable outcome of capital equipment ventures.

As a procurement services agent (PSA) and health logistics specialist, PFSCM helps bridge the gap between project-based and operational procurement. We help our clients roll out new projects from the start and plan for and provide the ongoing operational procurement services needed to sustain the ongoing long-term replenishment of items like consumables and reagents used by laboratories and health facilities daily.

Further, we support clients with maintenance agreements, warranty extensions, after-sales service, and training for their new and existing laboratory equipment and medical infrastructure.

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Our project-management approach

PFSCM is a value-adding partner that oversees entire project management on behalf of our clients.

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We work closely with our clients to establish a project team comprising PFSCM project managers and procurement and logistics specialists. We do a needs assessment, and based on the analysis of this, we propose products and services solutions to our clients.

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We undertake the procurement and delivery of the equipment and work with supply chain stakeholders to oversee installation or commissioning, training, and, eventually, after-sales support and maintenance.

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We manage the supplier and freight forwarder relations on behalf of our clients and monitor the performance of selected vendors to ensure accountability and service excellence throughout the process.

Project-based procurement process: Identify project team, needs assessment, Needs analysis & solution, Procurement, pre-installation / verification checklist, Delivery & commissioning, Equipment performance evaluation, User training, Vendor performance monitoring & evaluation of after-sales services

We advise clients on the following considerations for sustainable solutions:

Equipment options: compatibility, performance, limitations, intended use.

Budget and total cost of ownership: new purchase, replacement, cost per sample.

Warranties, maintenance, and after-sales service: existing or new agreements.

Infrastructure and site-readiness: electrical, environmental, and network considerations.

Supply chain and distribution: restocking consumables and TTSPs.

Our offering

We incorporate project-based procurement into our broader PSA offering and can provide our clients with standalone services or complete supply chain solutions.

Experienced Project Managers


We employ experienced supply chain professionals who advise, oversee, and monitor large-scale medical equipment rollouts. Our teams work closely with suppliers and freight forwarders, allowing them to manage their portions of the supply chain activities while supporting as needed.


Reliable Specialized Partners


We partner with suppliers, freight forwarders, and specialized service providers to determine the best options for civil works, electrification, plumbing, and waste management. We also arrange material storage and handling equipment like stackers, cranes, hoists, forklifts, and tow trucks.


Systems and Tools


We use a cloud-based control tower to orchestrate all our supply chain transactions. We deploy best-in-class tools to streamline communication with stakeholders and provide them with near real-time supply chain information, making order, shipment, and milestone tracking more convenient.


Category Management


We help our clients understand the characteristics of product groups that are commonly procured and delivered using a project management approach. We use product category information to create custom procurement, logistics, and transport plans that enable efficiencies, save costs, and reduce risks.


Supplier Relationship Management


We establish and manage supplier relationships on behalf of our clients. Dedicated points of contact work directly with suppliers to negotiate contracts, undertake due diligence, do onboarding, and eventually manage administrative matters and performance.


Logistics Services


We fully manage our clients’ end-to-end logistics needs. We navigate the complex regulatory, importation, and customs environment and arrange storage and warehousing should it be needed. We work with local 3PLs to do in-country distribution and last-mile deliveries.

Roadmap for equipment procurement

Access our checklists for site readiness, understanding equipment options and cost of ownership, planning for human resources, training, installation, warranties, maintenance, and after-sales service.

PFSCM’s project-based procurement experience

In 2023, PFSCM oversaw the procurement, delivery, rollout, and implementation of several projects, including the rollout of x-ray machines in Pakistan, autoclaves in Zimbabwe, TB analyzers in Nigeria, sequencing analyzers in Vietnam, ultrasounds in Tanzania and CT scanners in Mozambique.

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