World AIDS Day 2019: Supply Chains in the Fight to End HIV/AIDS

by | Dec 1, 2019

The Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM) was established to improve and strengthen supply chains and health systems to bring lifesaving HIV diagnostic, prevention, and treatment products to countries with a high number of HIV infections.

PFSCM set up shop in 2005 when the HIV crisis was at its peak with more than 30 million people infected on the African continent alone. For over a decade the organization executed one of the largest public heath supply chains in history, making a lasting impact in the lives of millions of people.

Today, the fight to end HIV is still at PFSCM’s core.

Read our World AIDS Day Blog to see our achievements in HIV over the last decade, and learn more about the procurement, Quality Assurance, and logistics efforts that shape the supply chains delivering lifesaving health care products to people in need.

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