Supplier prequalification

Developing sources of supply closer to demand

We have always been focused on localizing supply chains, and one of our unique services is the PFSCM Supplier Prequalification Program. The aim of prequalification is to develop sources of supply closer to demand to reduce supply chain costs, lead times and risks, and to minimize the carbon footprint associated with global logistics.

By prequalifying local suppliers we are:

Shortening supply chains

By expanding our pool of quality compliant and reputable local suppliers, we are creating a reliable supply of health products closer to demand.

Uplifting suppliers

Through the prequalification process we are helping suppliers to identify areas for improvement in order to comply with international quality standards.

Reducing waste

By sourcing locally we are stimulating local economies, and reducing the costs, lead times and environmental impact associated with global logistics.

PFSCM Supplier Prequalification Program overview:

Our prequalification audits are done in compliance with the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Model Quality Assurance System (MQAS) for Procurement Agencies, and ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems.

Prequalification entails evaluating a supplier’s quality management, organizational structure, documentation management practices, self-inspection adherence, product recall procedures, security procedures, and record-keeping; as well as complaint handling, and the handling of recalled, rejected, or returned goods.

Suppliers’ compliance with WHO Good Storage and Distribution Practices guidelines, and the use of ISO/IEC 17025 quality control labs for product testing is also evaluated.

On completion of our audit, a supplier is assigned a rating. The rating provides guidance on which products and services we may procure from the supplier. We provide suppliers with recommendations on how they can improve their rating. By improving its rating, and thus its overall compliance, a supplier may have access to more international buyers.

PFSCM Supplier Prequalification Program facts:

  • 100+ supplier audits conducted since 2005.
  • Remote auditing in response to COVID-19.
  • 25 PFSCM prequalified suppliers in 2021.
  • 4 wholesalers improved their rating in 2021.
  • One- and three-year audit cycles.
  • Most are wholesalers in Africa.
  • Member of QUAMED.

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