Supply Lines

By Manusika Rai, PFSCM Product Quality Assurance Manager based in the Netherlands. What is the probability of risks occurring in the supply chain? How can we detect these supply chains risks? What are the consequences of these risks? These are just some of the questions that supply chain professionals have to ask themselves to ensure […]

Localization as a means of supply chain compression has been an industry trend for some years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the importance of shortening supply chains to improve resilience while reducing risks, costs, and waste. In health supply chain management, localization strategies such as prequalification, pooled procurement, and private sector engagement through models […]

The Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM), a procurement services agent and 4PL service provider, has extensive experience in managing tenders for health products and related services. PFSCM uses full and open competitive procedures to facilitate the timely delivery of quality products and services at a reasonable cost. The company has been using tendering as […]

by Sinette Goosen, PFSCM Communications Officer based in the Netherlands. The Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM) has recently strengthened its cold chain capabilities, not only to meet and exceed the changing needs of our clients, but also to prepare for the current, and imminent increased demand for cold chain shipping that is both driven […]

by Maite Barthel, PFSCM Product Quality Assurance Officer based in the Netherlands. Global health supply chain organizations must comply with laws and regulations relevant to their sector, scope of work, and business processes. Owing to the complexity of the regulatory environment, health product Procurement Services Agents (PSAs), must implement robust quality processes, policies, and tools […]

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