Plan: demand planning

Planning and forecasting for demand-driven supply chains

We connect our clients to accurate, timely forecast-, stock-, order- and shipment data, and help supply chain stakeholders use the facts to take control of production scheduling, better manage shipments, and reduce inventory stockouts and product obsolescence.

Our planning services include:

Demand planning

We use treatment guidelines to help clients forecast quantities of health products for a specific population.

Procurement planning

We arrange procurement, cognizant of lead times, to ensure deliveries occur as planned.

Shipment planning

We plan shipment quantities and schedule delivery dates to maintain inventory within stocking parameters.

Information sharing

We provide visibility into forecasting and supply planning to all stakeholders through our digital network.

Demand-driven supply chains improve:

  • Real-time visibility
  • Stock velocity
  • Procurement best practices
  • Resource mobilization
  • Production scheduling
  • Health program scale-up
  • Effective use of budgets

Demand-driven supply chains reduce:

  • Inventory stockouts
  • Product expiry
  • Stock variability
  • Interruption in patient treatment
  • Emergency shipments
  • Inappropriate drug substitutions
  • Supply chain costs

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