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Optimizing supply chains through end-to-end tracking and data-driven decision making

PFSCM has partnered with leading digital supply chain solutions provider One Network, to leverage the best in end-to-end supply chain Control Tower technology and bolster our visibility from origin to destination.

PFSCM’s digital One Network platform integrates real-time supply chain stakeholder data to provide complete visibility of the supply chain, from manufacturer to patient.  


Alerts and dashboards provide insights that allow PFSCM and its clients to execute operation decisions, manage any supply chain deviations, and continually optimize our networks and best-value services.

All stakeholders, clients, and service providers have planning and execution access to our integrated data network, allowing them to orchestrate actions as commodities move through the supply chain. This end-to-end visibility enables better planning and enables data-driven decision making.

By partnering with PFSCM, our clients benefit from:

  • Visibility into the supply chain from end-to-end
  • Tailored, accurate, real-time data that can be used for evidence-based decision making
  • Reduced inefficiencies and risk aversion
  • Automated operations that free up human capital and eliminate human error
  • Access to a digital platform that serves as the foundation for serialization, authentication and blockchain used to eliminate counterfeit goods and ensure product integrity
  • Streamlined multi-party collaboration on one digital platform
  • Security and end-to-end chain of custody through secure, tamper-proof platforms and technologies

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