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The Global Accelerator for Paediatric Formulations (GAP-f) — an evolving collaboration among a number of partner organizations — has continued to develop in 2018 and has announced some recent key accomplishments: New website The GAP-f website has been launched, which brings together key information on paediatric drug optimization and aims to be the place to go for updates in this broad […]

Globally, the efforts to end malaria in endemic, high-burden countries are vast and ongoing. The fight against malaria brings together thousands of entities, from researchers, manufacturers, governments, and funders, to humanitarian groups and non-government organizations (NGOs). Supporting these institutions in their work is a myriad of interwoven service providers (SPs), executing many unseen tasks. Among […]

Even though tuberculosis (TB) is a curable disease, it is still, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), responsible for 4,500 deaths a day. The reasons behind this are complex and interwoven, ranging from educational and social issues, to a lack of early detection and missed detection opportunities, combined with long diagnostic processes and increasing […]

By David Jamieson As we have discussed in news blogs last year, limited treatment options and sub-optimal formulations have contributed to poor adherence and outcomes for children living with HIV. To improve coordination in tackling the barriers to research and development that remain, major global players are developing an initiative called the Global Accelerator for […]

Treatment rates for pediatric patients have always lagged behind adults, but now programs like PEPFAR’S ACT Initiative show this doesn’t have to be the case   by David Jamieson, PFSCM Senior Supply Chain Advisor   In May, we reported on new opportunities for viral load testing of babies and young children at, or close to, […]

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