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Health Logistics

PFSCM specializes in reliable, safe and cost-effective healthcare logistics. We move products such as medical devices, to almost anywhere on earth, ensuring they arrive on time and in full.

We develop and manage global supply chains, providing multi-modal services including ocean, air and road freight, as well as cold-chain shipment management.

We have secured local customs clearance and waivers in many low- and middle-income countries. We also manage in-country supply chain operations on behalf of governments and donors to ensure last-mile delivery to some of the hardest-to-reach places in the world.  

Health care products shipped through ocean freight to low and middle income countries. Health care logistics plays a key role in supporting public health programs, enabling access to medical devices.
As an independent, carrier-neutral managed logistics organization — or fourth-party logistics service provider (4PL) — PFSCM manages multiple freight forwarding contracts, securing best service and price for our clients by driving competition among third-party logistics service providers (3PLs).

PFSCM moves precious health care commodities to almost anywhere on earth by:


  • Leveraging our new Control Tower to track shipments and products through the whole supply chain.
  • Working with specialised freight forwarders that have extensive experience delivering fragile and time-sensitive goods to challenging environments.
  • Collaborating with our logistics services providers to proactively secure waivers and import documents for our clients.
  • Ensuring cost-effective transport by implementing proven freight strategies; negotiating rates, lanes, and routes; and using tools such as load optimization, freight calculators, and competitive bidding.

In 2020

83% OTIF

PFSCM maintained an on time and in full delivery performance will in line with the industry standard

In 2019

$3.4 million

PFSCM achieved exceptional freight savings through spot bidding, rate negotiations, and competive lane allocation

SINCE 2009


metric tons has been transported in over


shipments to



More Than


metric tons moved since 2009

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