PFSCM’s core expertise in six key areas — planning for product demand, sourcing and procuring products, moving products internationally and locally, storing products in compliant warehousing, tracking the location of products in the supply chain, and adhering to quality standards and continuous improvement — enables us to deliver best-in-class supply chain solutions and improve the lives of people in low- and middle-income countries.


Take control of production scheduling, better manage shipments, and reduce inventory stockouts and product obsolescence through effective supply chain demand planning and product quantification.


PFSCM navigates the market on behalf of clients providing access to the best quality health products from a wide network of quality-assured local and international suppliers.


Ensure valuable commodities reach communities all over the world, on-time-and-in-full. Deliveries arrive exactly when needed, not early and certainly not late. Our clients receive everything they have ordered, 100% complete.


Bring lifesaving healthcare products closer to the market and allowing consistent order fulfillment to prevent stockouts and reduce pressure on the storage and management capacity of public health systems.


PFSCM’s online platform integrates real-time supplier and freight forwarder data to provide complete visibility of the supply chain, from order placement through last-mile delivery.


Quality is at the core of PFSCM and all our services comply with our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.

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