Using lessons learned from COVID-19 crisis responses to improve supply chain sustainability, and streamline existing public health procurement and logistics

by | Oct 21, 2020

The Partnership for Supply Chain Management, like many other supply chain organizations, felt the effects of COVID-19 restrictions in the form of production delays, transportation shortages, price inflations, and unexpected market behavior.

Our ongoing operations were impacted by longer lead times and price hikes for health products and health logistics, and we had to rapidly revise and prepare new processes for sourcing and shipping COVID-19 diagnostics products.

We had to navigate these two challenges while ensuring the decisions we made in terms of “people, processes and systems” would contribute to a lasting supply chain.

Despite the challenges, we have had great success in buying and moving COVID-19 diagnostics products quickly and efficiently. Performance data captured between May and September 2020 showed 100% on time and in full delivery for over 70 shipments. Fast-tracking processes, instilling a genuine sense of urgency among stakeholders, and coordinating and communicating proactively through dedicated resources has resulted in high performance levels for our COVID-19 work.

Watch our presentation from the 2020 Health and Humanitarian Logistics Virtual Conference to learn more about the potential of fast-tracking processes for quicker service delivery, and best practices that can help create resilient, sustainable and efficient supply chains going forward.